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Mar 30, 2013 5:00am PDT
of north korean leader kim jong un's call to arms, chanting "death to the u.s. imperialists." kim said earlier the time had come to, quote, settle accounts with the u.s. in response to a u.s. show of force, b-2 bombers in exercises over south korea. kim has also ordered his missiles on stand by to strike the u.s., south korea, guam, even hawaii. experts doubt he has the ability to hit u.s. targets and think it would be pretty suicidal to try. they believe a full scale conflict is unlikely but do worry about a more localized provocation, perhaps around disputed waters in the yellow sea. there have been several clashes there in recent years, and when i visited the area friday, i found the south most vulnerable islands just ten miles from the north on a high state of alert. the big worry is that a local skirmish or miscalculation could quickly escalate, lester. >> ian williams in south korea for us this morning, thanks. >>> kristen welker is at the white house with reaction this morning from the obama administration. what are you hearing at this point from the white house? >> reporter: we
Mar 4, 2013 7:00am PST
his new relationship with kim jong un. >> he is my friend. i don't condone what he does. as far as person to person, he is my friend. >> the trip was planned and filmed by vice media for an upcoming hbo series. the group toured pyongyang and unexpectedly hung out with the young leader, seen courtside during the exhibition game and later sharing dinner and drinks. kim, reported to be a big fan of the chicago bulls during their h heyday. >> one thing he asked me to give obama something to say. he wants obama to do one thing. call him. he said, if you can, dennis, i don't want to do war. he said that to me. >> a request that's getting the attention of the state department. >> mr. rodman does not represent the united states. he has never been a player in our diplomacy. >> reporter: apprentice all-stars. >> he has worn wedding dresses. he gets piercings, tattoos. he loves the publicity, whether it's good or bad. >> reporter: experts say this latest move, just weeks after north korea defiantly conducted a third nuclear test, could actually complicate the diplomatic process. >> shows s
Mar 16, 2013 5:30am PDT
the missile defenses kim jong-un was warned don't even think about it. >> we believe this young lad ought to be deterred by that and if not he will be ready. >> it will be two to three years before the entire missile defense system in alaska and up and running and the $1 billion it will take to pay for it won't show up in the budget until sometime next year. >> once again, here is lester. >> erika, thanks. now to the new troubles for carnival cruises. passengers on a stranded ship are flying back home after their ship malfunctions in the caribbean. just one of the latest in a serious of mishaps tore the cruise company. gabe is at orlando international airport where some of those passengers will arrive later today. >> good morning. passengers of the carnival greem started streaming in friday and we expect that to continue this as they deal with a series of negative headlines. >> this morning some passenger that is flew back to florida on chartered flights are finishing their trip home. they have been standed since wednesday because of a broken back up generator. >> we were treated fabulous
Mar 1, 2013 7:00am PST
becomes the first american kim jong un has met since taking power over a year ago. he will need to brush up on his geography before his next diplomatic mission because he wrote, quote, maybe i'll run into that gangnam style dude while i'm here. psy is, of course, south crkore. he actually invited him to the united states. the state department may have something to say on that. >> he will appear on "celebrity apprentice," kim jong un. >> that would be great. >> i wish i could take that away right now. >> leave an open iing for gary busey to go over there and run the country. >> we'll take that flop. >> could you really tell them apart? not really. >>> big storm system in the pacific northwest bringing a lot of rain. in fact, we're talking in some parts of the puget sound area up to five inches of rain. the storm system effecting this will be along the midatlantic coast next week. european model has been making its way up the coast. and it could be a significant snow storm for the midatlantic. not so much necessarily for new york city, but anywhere from norfolk to washington, d.c., philade
Mar 12, 2013 7:00am PDT
on the korean peninsula where kim jong-un visited north korea's front line troops urging them to be on high alert for possible war. pyongyang is threatening to cancel the agreement that ended the war. whether or not they are capable of launching an attack, the u.s. is vowing to protect the regional allies. >>> three crew members aboard a u.s. navy plane are dead after a crash near spokane, washington. the military plane was on a training mission monday when it crashed into a field. >>> an iowa police officer is a hero this morning after pulling an unconscious teen from his burning car. the 18-year-old had become trapped after crashing into the side of a church. police say he'd been doing donuts in the snow. he will be charged with reckless driving once he's released from the hospital. >>> and a little oopsy for a ball girl at spring training down in florida. check out what happens when this hooters girl gets a little too proactive with her job. >> and that is a fair ball right over the bag. still in play, of course. she realized her mistake soon enough even covered her face there with hermi
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am PST
of putting a nuclear warhead on its missile. kim jong-un was reviewing his troops after state television said it would launch a preemptive strike against the u.s. even if that is an empty threat, the u.s. could be drawn into a military clash to defend south korea. today south korea said if pyongyang attacked its country, it would erase north korea from the face of the earth. south korea and japan are now increasingly worried as the threat level reaches new heights under this new young leader, only 28 years old, and already he is really changing the landscape of threats. >> a story we are keeping a close eye on. andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. >>> >>> counterterrorism adviser john brennan was approved by the senate thursday as the new cia director. the vote came after the obama administration assured opponents that the u.s. would not use a drone to kill an american terror suspect who is not engaged in combat on american soil. >>> in venezuela, a hero's sendoff today for hugo chavez, a harsh critic of the u.s. who ruled for 14 years. nbc's mark potter is in caracas. good morning, mark
Mar 27, 2013 7:00am PDT
of southern california. >>> more tough talks this morning from north korea and the regime of kim jong-un. today, north korea said it has cut off a key hotline with south korea, a move that increases the already high tensions in that region. a hotline had allowed cross-border travel to a jointly run industrial complex. north korea is doing that because in its words, war could break out at any moment. >>> magnitude 6 earthquake strung over taiwan. at least one person was killed crushed by a collapsing. falling objects -- >> a new sinkhole is apparently opened up three miles from where a man was killed by a sinkhole less than a month ago. this would be the fourth sinkhole in the area near tampa, florida, this month. a 37-year-old man died when his house was swallowed. tuesday, two families evacuated their duplex. officials are testing the soil around the homes. >>> now for a look at what's trending today. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. there is outrage on yahoo and elsewhere over a specialty food store in australia that charges customers a $5 looking fee. if they buy noth
Mar 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
kim jong-un say his rocket forces are on standby ready to strike the u.s. this comes just a day after the u.s. sent b-2 stealth bombers to that region to drop dummy munitions as part of military drills with south korea, and while the latest threats from north korea do raise concerns of local conflict, experts do not believe that pyongyang has the capacity to strike the u.s. >>> homes threatened by landslide on washington state's whidbey island are still in danger this morning. experts say the landslide was 900 feet wide and some 1,500 feet deep and was likely caused by years of wet weather. one home was destroyed. 18 others are in danger, and the soil is still shifting. >>> prosecutors in colorado are rejecting a plea offer that would keep movie theater shooting suspect james holmes in prison for the rest of his life in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured in that mass shooting last summer. >>> a new push for the environment this morning from the obama administration. the environmental protection agency unveils a new proposal to tig
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8